Campaigning againsthigh-interest  loans & promoting Credit Unions
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The Kilburn Fair Credit Campaign is a group of local volunteers who work or live in the community on either side of Kilburn High Road which is an area of inner London with considerable deprivation. The group was brought together as a result of concerns of the effect on the vulnerable members of the local community of the rise of payday and other high-interest loan shops in the area. These included Speedy Cash, two Money Shops, Oakham, several pawn brokers and a Cash Converters all of which charges exorbitant interest which only increased if the borrower defaulted on payments.




    Pay day loan shops, betting & gaming shops on Kilburn High road


Who we are:

The Kilburn Fair Credit Campaign is a volunteer-oriented organisation comprised of local volunteers. We are always seeking new volunteers and developing our training to support them. After a year of weekend work out of premises on Kilburn High Road, which are no longer available to us, we have developed three projects through which our volunteers can support the local community and which we believe from our experience are the best way to protect our community from the loan shops in the Kilburn area:

Money Friends

– volunteers assisting those in debt to reach financial stability.

Money Talks

– conversations with the community to promote basic financial information.

Money Tree

– setting up savers clubs in the local area.