Reducing Spending

Reducing spending

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, reducing your spending can help you find more money and improve your situation.

Here are some ideas on ways you could reduce your spending.


See if there’s a cheaper utility provider in your area. You can use this free utility switching service to see if you can get your energy cheaper with a different provider. Switching online may also mean you get a better deal.


Look to see if you can reduce your telephone bills by switching to a better deal, for example one that offers free evening and weekend calls. If you currently pay for your phone, internet and TV separately, shop around and see if you can combine all 3 into one package as this normally works out cheaper.

Mobiles and internet

To find the best deals on your mobile and internet packages, visit one of the impartial price comparison sites available on the web.

Satellite TV

Contact your supplier for the options that are available to reduce your subscription to the minimum package. Or you could switch to a free supplier such as Freeview.


Are all the vehicles in your household essential? You could sell a car if it’s not needed on a day-to-day basis.

Food, toiletries and cleaning

Switching to own brand products or making use of special offers that are available in the supermarket help reduce the cost of your weekly shop. Why not try writing a shopping list or doing your shopping online, this way you only buy what you need.

Meals at work

Making a packed lunch and taking this to work is cheaper than buying pre-made sandwiches or salads every day.

Free debt advice

If you’re struggling to pay your debts, use this online Debt Remedy tool from Stepchange. It only takes 20 minutes and will give you a personal budget to help you manage your money and advice that is specifically tailored to your situation.

Or, if you’d prefer to call us, then please call us on 07541978789 to speak to one of our volunteers who will help you get your situation back on track.

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