Claiming benefits reduce debt

Claiming benefits could reduce your debt problems

Many families are losing out on as much as £4,000 per year by not claiming their full benefits entitlements.

Lots of families who are struggling with debt and do not realise that they can claim help in the form of welfare benefits. Step Changes’ research shows that, on average, families are failing to claim £80 per week – that’s £4,000 a year.

While attention is sometimes focused on ‘benefit scroungers’, unclaimed benefits account for an estimated £16bn a year. This means that many people who find themselves in debt could be helped by important benefits like child tax credit, housing benefit or pension credit.

How can I find out what benefits I can claim?

You can use this free online benefit checker which will work out what you’re entitled to and how much you might be able to claim.

If you’re struggling with debts and would like advice on benefits, please visit us at Financial Health Centre, Healthy Heart Centre premises, 210 Kilburn High Road, NW6 4JH.and we will be able to check what you’re entitled to or refer you to the right service.

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