Council Tax Debt

Council tax debt

Your council tax bill is a priority as there can be serious consequences if you don’t pay your arrears.

If you’re struggling to pay your council tax you need to contact your council to discuss the situation. They may be willing to come to an arrangement with you so you can catch up with the payments you’ve missed. We can help you build a budget to prioritise clearing your arrears as quickly as possible.

Get help with council tax debt

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Council action

If you don’t come to an arrangement, your local council will apply to the magistrates’ court for a liability order. You’ll need to attend a court hearing to come to an arrangement to pay. If you don’t come to an arrangement, your council will take further action against you. They can take the payments directly from your wages, or send bailiffs to your property.

Help with council tax arrears

It’s important that you deal with any council tax arrears as soon as you can. We can help you come up with a realistic debt plan to deal with the arrears you have got, as well as help you with information on any other debts. To do this use Step Change online Debt Remedy tool or visit us at Financial Health Centre.

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