Financial Inclusion Campaign

KFCC is a small group run by local community activists, resourced by Advice4Renters

Having run weekend Financial Health Centre in Kilburn High Road for 18 months, the group has now developed three streams of activities to increase financial inclusion among Kilburn residents.  KFCC is looking for partners to support these activities for their own members, residents and the general community.


This project is designed to encourage small savings by setting up Savers Clubs within local schools, residents associations, organisations for job seekers, youth groups and other community and voluntary organisations.  The Money Tree operates under the auspices of the local Credit Union.  The Money Tree can provide training and support for Money Tree branches and will aim to negotiate additional benefits for members, such as discounts in local shops.  Members can save on an on-going basis or for special events such as Day Trips, Christmas or birthdays. ALL SAVINGS ARE FULLY INSURED BY THE CREDIT UNION.


These community conversations can be organised within local community groups or as special events in the local area.  The talks are designed to stimulate awareness of money issues in informal and interactive sessions.  Three modules have been developed: Basic Banking and Insurance; Budgeting and Money Awareness; Credit Borrowing and Debt.


When people have received help from debt advisers, there is often little help available to provide on-going support for vulnerable people.  Our Money Friends will help people to budget, to get value for the money they spend and to make sure that bills are paid on time.  A team of volunteers are being trained to undertake this support.  NEW VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED.

More information from Jacky Peacock, Advice4Renters, 36-38 Willesden Lane, Kilburn, NW6 7ST

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Tel – 020 7624 4327