Utility Bills debt

Utility bills are the household energy bills you get each month. Energy bills have been increasing year-on-year. The average household bill has increased £110 since 2012 and now stands at £1,420*.

Here you’ll find information on what will happen if you get into debt and how we can help to manage payments. If you’re struggling we can provide free, impartial advice and debt management [link to StepChange] to clear arrears and meet future payments.

Need help with utility bills debt?

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In arrears? What can your utility suppliers do?

Utility bills (gas, water, electric, TV licence and landline telephone) are a priority debt. They should be budgeted to be paid in full. If you fall into arrears the supplier can disconnect your service. You should only pay non-priority debt (credit card, loan, overdraft or payday loan debt) once you’ve paid your priorities.

If you’re struggling to manage your budget we can offer free debt information and a personal action plan with debt solution recommendations to get you back on track.

Gas and electric arrears

If you don’t pay your gas or electric bills, your supplier can get a court warrant to enter your home to fit a pre-payment meter. This means you must pay the arrears at a set weekly amount or lose the supply. They can also remove the meter and cut off your supply. Your supplier will then try to collect the debt you owe using a debt collection agency.

If you’re struggling please call on us or use Step Change online Debt Remedy tool. You can then approach the suppler with a clear offer of repayment.

Water arrears

If you fall behind with your water payments, your water supplier can’t disconnect you. But they could start court action to get you to pay the arrears back.

If you’re in financial difficulty you may qualify for the Watersure Scheme. You can contact your supplier to see if this is suitable for you.

Debt help

As with all debt if you’re struggling the sooner you get help the better. If you speak to your supplier they may be able to offer extra help. We can get you back on track with a personalised budget and appropriate debt solution.

Use Debt Remedy – this online budget advice tool is free, easy to use and there’s no need to give your name Or, if you’d prefer to call us, then please call us on 07541978789 to speak to one of our volunteers who will help you get your situation back on track.

Source: Ofgem – Electricity and Gas Supply Market Indicators

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